The Kids


Our Family


Our daughter, Christy, and her husband, John Stawarz, II, live in Prince George, VA about 12 miles away from her parents. John works as a computer programmer/analyst. 

Standing from left: John, Christy, Micah. Seated from left front: Micky, John’s mother Pat, J.T.. Seated in back: Chris, and John’s brother Stephen. 



Jon Thomas Stawarz

J. T. is 21 years old and is a 2nd year student at Richard Bland College of William and Mary. J. T. plans to major in English and Theatre. He loves drama and music. He starred in numerous high school plays and in our church Christmas drama 2014. He visited Paris the summer of 2012 with his French teacher. J.T. is assistant manager for the UPS store at Ft. Lee, VA.

Micah Alexander Stawarz

Micah is 18 and a senior GED student. Micah loves reading and computer games. 



Christopher Samuel Stawarz

That’s Chris on the right at J.T.’s high school graduation. Chris is 16. He is a 11th grader attending Prince George Junior High. Chris loves taking care of pets, reading, drama, choir and computer games. Chris had a leading role in “Fiddler on the Roof.”


Michaela Christine Stawarz


Michaela (Mickey) is 15. She is in 10th grade at Prince George High School in Prince George, VA. Mickey loves her dancing classes and is the youngest member of their preforming troop, performing in New York three years ago. She teaches a class of 3 year olds. Mickey wants to be a dance teacher. She is an honors students and a member of Student Government.


The Christmas Post


Granddad (Tom), Mom (Christy), and J.T. enjoyed performing in Mt. Pleasant’s 2004 Christmas drama called “The Christmas Post.” Tom played the grandfather who owned Herzog’s Department Store. Christy was a customer and dancer. J. T. was a newsie.

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