The Lovorn-Stawarz family can provide a program of special music for your church or banquets. Tom and Janie love to entertain with funny readings and skits that involve the audience. Tom interprets Christy’s solos in the deaf Sign Language, and he and Janie enjoy singing their favorite duets for you.

Tom teaches Community Bible Classes from his church and elsewhere as invited. Email him for his next class schedule. You may wish Tom and Janie to review their books, Building a Praying Church and Growing a Caring Church. They can show slides of their mission work among the deaf in Jamaica or take you on a pictorial journey through the Bible lands they have visited.

Tom offers churches and Bible conferences a variety of Bible Character Monologs. He can portray Joseph remembering the birth of Jesus, Peter recalling the life of Christ, Paul telling of his journeys and epistles, or John on the island of Patmos reviewing his Revelation. He and Janie can lead your church in a 2 hour “Christ in the Passover” Dinner. They will train your cooks to prepare a Passover meal, train your deacons to host individual tables, and lead the church in a Passover Seder relating it to the Lord’s Supper and prophecies that Jesus fulfilled.

From time to time they lead mission trips and Bible land tours to study the Bible on site. They would love to take you to walk where Jesus walked. Or, a Bible study cruise of the Greek Isles, including Rome, Greece, Macedonia, Corinth, Ephesus in Turkey, and the Island of Patmos makes a very inspirational trip. Tom is the Virginia liaison for the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf in Jamaica and will be happy to assist your group on planning a mission trip there. Please email us about these ministries.




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